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1882 - Founding

Max Schorch registered the company MAX SCHORCH & Cie in the commercial register of Moenchengladbach in August. At that time Schorch employed 5 workers.

Max Schorch


Schorch manufactured dynamo machines and arc lamps.

Old Factory

1888 - World Exhibition

World Exhibition

Schorch was awarded a gold medal for the machines and arc lamps exhibited at the World Exhibition in Brussels.

1894 - New Building

120 employees. Schorch established electrical control centers. In addition a new building with three floors was erected.

New Building

1900 - Public Limited

Schorch was converted into a public company with a capital of 1.3 million marks. Specialization in machines and their accessories. At that time the construction of three-phase machines begins. The workforce increased to 600.


1914 - Factory burned down

A large part of the factory burns down. A 140,000 sqm plot of land was qcquired on Breite Str. The construction was delayed due to the beginning of the 1st World War.

1918 - New Factory

The Schorch factory with 62,000 sqm for 2,000 empoyees was completed.

Factory Breite Strasse

1936 - Welding

Construction of welding transformers and wire welding machines. Production of welding electrodes with the brand name "Primus".

Schorch Welding Equipment

1942 - Merger with Elin

Schorch merged with Elin from Vienna. This cooperation inevitably ended after the war.

Schorch Elin Share

1945 - End of World War II

The Schorch factories were almost completeley destroyed in a targeted day attack. In the same year, reconstruction began with 20 Schorch employees. On October 1st, Schorch received limited permission to resume production.

End of War

1950 - Reconstruction

Schorch employed 1,800 people again.

1956 - Administration building finished

High-Rise Building

1957 - Inauguration of new Transformer Factory

Transformer Factory

1959 - Continental Elektroindustrie

Schorch-Werke AG merged with other well-known electrical companies to form Continental Elektroindustrie.

Continental Elektro

1972 - New Transformer Test Field

Start of construction of the transformer test field. Enabeling of test on limit power transformers.

New test field

1980 - New Carpentry Workshop

The company has opend a new carpentry workshop for motors and transformers.

Schorch overall view

1982 - Schorch is 100 Years Old

Inserted Rotor

1982 - Schorch Becomes a Company of AEG AG, Berlin, Frankfurt

1985 - Acquisition by Daimler-Benz AG

Daimler-Benz Logo

1996 - Acquisition by Elexis Elektroholding GmbH

2001 - Acquisition by Lindeteves-Jacoberg, Singapore

2006 - ATB Austria acquired a majority stake in Lindeteves-Jacoberg, Singapore

2010 - Schorch majority acquired by ATB Austria Antriebstechnik AG

ATB Group

2011 - Wolong took over 99% of ATB AG

Wolong EMEA

2012 - 130th Anniversary

Change of name from Schorch elektrische Maschinen und Antriebe GmbH to: ATB Schorch GmbH.

Water cooled motor with sleeve bearings

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